2017  The Dreidel Maker  music by Albert Ahlf  lyrics by Mickey K

Hanukkah  is a celebration of a Miracle that Happened there.  Where?  At the Temple in Jerusalem during the Maccabee revolt.    The Syrian-Greeks oppressed the Jews who in the Maccabean Revolt fought back.  The oil enough for one day lasted 8 days miraculously. 

The Hebrew word for lamp  is MENORAH.  This candlelabrum has 9  branchess.  The SHAMUS candle is central branch and used to light one candle per night for 8 consecutive nights.   

The DREIDEL is originally a carved wooden spinning top which has 4 sides each with a Hebrew Letter depicted on that side.  The letters are NUN,  GIMMEL,  HEY,  and SHIN.  These Hebrew letters actually are a code for a message that abides in the Dreidel's sides.  Each letter is the first letter of a word in a sentence that reads: " A great miracle happened there."  Nes Gadol Hayah Sham is the sentence.  Note how the letters (N, G, H, and S are standinig for the first letter of each word in that sentence.  In Hebrew N is Nun,  the G is pronounced Gimmel,  the H is pronounced Hey and the last letter S is pronounced Shin.    Mickey K wrote the lyrics & designed the music with Albert Alhf for two Hanukkah songs.  They were composed with hope that children understand the significance of the feast and that a miracle happened there but also that  miracles continue to happen.

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